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Major Business

Daesang puts love and sincerity to think of the health of family.

Daesang where leads the food ingredients based on the
advanced bio-technology

Daesang develops the Korea’s biggest starch and sweetener business, and leaps to the global ingredient
company with the bio business such as phenylalanine, glutamine, arginine and lysine products which
is the essential amino acid based on the advanced fermentation technology.

Daesang Corporation started the starch and sweetener business in 1964, and positioned
as a leading company in the domestic starch, sweetener markets.
Daesang is focusing on the development of various new materials through new-generation R&D strategies along
with strengthening global competitiveness through continuous R&D and strategic investment.

Currently, Gunsan Factory which has the biggest production capacity in Korea produces various starches,
starches and sweetener with corn as its raw material.
Starch is used for food, paper, textile and construction materials, and sweeteners are diversely used
in the entire industrial areas including alcohol drinks, beverage, confectionery, baking, sweetener and more.

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