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About Company

Company creating a happy future with healthy food culture.

Share Value and Vision

Management Ideology

The entire activities of Daesang Corporation start from the value creation for customers.
‘Share value’ is the basic ideology of the managerial activities understood, shared and practiced by the entire executives and employees of Daesang, and it represents the will to be responsible as a company where contributes to the development of the society and the country.

Share Value

Healthy life and warm society. It is the future that Daesang is creating.

  •  아이콘 인간의 존엄과 자존 중시
    Emphasize on dignity and self-respect of humans

    Put the best efforts for customers,
    employees, company and society,
    and it concludes as respecting oneself.

  • 아이콘 고객의 만족과 가치를 창출
    Creating satisfaction and value of customers

    Customer-oriented management starts from
    thinking from the customers’ side,
    and providing the best quality
    appropriate to customer needs.

  • 아이콘 가족의 행복과 사회 공헌
    Family happiness and social contribution

    Company activities are having a responsibility
    as a company contributing to the happiness
    of Daesang families and abundance of human society.


Company creating a happy future with healthy food culture.


Daesang is the representative general food company in Korea.
We move forward to provide healthier experiences beyond dietary life to customers.