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About Company

Company creating a happy future with healthy food culture.

Daesang Corporation

We consider today and innovate tomorrow to leap to the leading company.

Daesang Corporation was established in 1956 with pure domestic capital and technology, and puts efforts to practice the vision of Daesang, a company where creates happy future with healthy food culture, for 60 years as the world’s top 3 fermentation exclusive company and the best general food company in Korea.

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images Grow as a Bio-fermentation company
Grow as a Bio-fermentation company

Since the launch of the Korea’s first fermented seasoning Miwon
with pure domestic capital in 1956, Daesang always pursued changes
and innovation without settling down for the qualitative improvement
of our life and culture focusing on the general food business.
Daesang Corporation opened its first chapter of the domestic BIO
industry with successful development of glutamic acid production
technology in accordance with the fermentation method for the first
time in Korea in 1962. Later, it developed more than 20 manufacturing
technologies on amino acid and nucleic acid, and grew as a BIO
fermentation company with the global competitiveness.

images Technology stagged from fermentation
Technology stagged from fermentation

Widen up to food with the technologies stagged from fermentation,
Daesang Corporation leads abundant and healthy food culture of
customers by producing traditional pastes including Soonchang
red pepper pastes, seasonings like Matsunsaeng made with natural
ingredients, agro-fishery food products of vinegars, fish sauces,
etc., western food products, frozen food products, processed meat
products and others with the representative domestic general food
brands ‘Chungjungone’ and ‘Jongga’.

images Healthy and fresh food culture
Healthy and fresh food culture

Moreover, Daesang Corporation is evolving as the biggest domestic
starch and starch and sweetener manufacturer where manufactures
and sells general starch as processing corns which is used as
raw material for snacks and various processed foods, fructose
used for soft drinks, oligosaccharide and starch syrup.
In 1999, Daesang Corporation made a big hit with Daesang Chlorella
by entering to the domestic health business area, strengthened
the cold storage business by taking over ‘Jongga’ in 2006, and
creating healthy and fresh food culture with ‘Chungjungone’.

images Best general food company
Best general food company

Besides, Daesang Corporation held the continuous management
innovation campaign to actively respond to the rapidly
changing management environment to become the best general
food company through various and new futuristic and
customer-oriented business participations.

Daesang Corporation provides products and services coincide with customer needs,
and leaps to the best company with trust and love of customers.
Daesang Corporation moves forward to provide healthier experiences
beyond dietary life to customers.

images Develop overseas market
Develop overseas market

Daesang opened the world market with an opportunity of entering
the Indonesian market, which is evaluated as the Korea’s first
successful plant export case in the early 70s when was the
industrial development era.

images Respect human and nature
Respect human and nature

Furthermore, Daesang included Korean traditional culture and
spirits to Daesang spirit of respecting humans and nature, and
roots down in the minds of the world including Japan, Thailand,
Vietnam, Philippines, USA, European countries, China and Hong Kong.