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Daesang puts love and sincerity to think of the health of family.

Daesang where leading new food culture!

Based on the domestic representative general food brand ‘Chungjungone’ adapted since 1996, Daesang produces and sells traditional bean pastes such as ‘Soonchang’, ‘Hatsal Dameun’, etc., seasonings of ‘MIWON’, ‘Gamchimi’, “Matsunsaeng’, etc., agro-fishery food like vinegar and fish sauce, fresh food including Kimchi and tofu, western food, deli, frozen food and more. Moreover, Daesang processes the business to grow as the Korea’s best ‘general fresh food company’, and put continuous efforts for the globalization of Korean food based on the customer satisfaction management.

Various brands of Daesang from Miwon which has numerous modifiers such as No.1 domestic
fermented seasoning, representative seasoning and more, and legends to Chungjungone and
Jongga represents the Korean food life.
Daesang integrates the food specialist ‘Chungjungone’ and the center of taste ‘Jongga’
in 2017, produces healthy and taste to globalize Korean food.



Chungjungwon proposes a new food style,
so that everyone can enjoy delicious and healthy food in an
easy-to-understand manner with long-accumulated food

‘Chungjungone’ helps to prepare healthy meals with know-how that
maximizes freshness and clean nutrients of nature; which encourages
a healthy life style for the whole family.

Chungjungone Brand O'Food Global Brand
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Jongga is the fresh food specialty
brand which represents the global
Korean food beyond Kimchi.

Jongga is a fresh food specialty brand that is leading the
new Korean food culture by reinterpreting the three flavors
that are most fundamental to traditional Korean food
[fermentation, quality, and nature] with the know-how
accumulated for hundreds of years.

Jongga Brand Site Jongga Global Brand


Daesang’s pride, miwon has been a national
representative of fermented seasoning
for over 60 years.

Miwon, born in 1956 is a representative of national fermented
seasoning that adds rich flavor in every meal. Miwon is
celebrating its 60th anniversary and is being reexamined as a
national seasoning for younger generations, with products such
as savory Miwon and Dasima Miwon.

Miwon Brand Site