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Daesang puts love and sincerity to think of the health of family.

Daesang where leading new food culture!

Based on the domestic representative general food brand ‘Chungjungone’ adapted since 1996,
Daesang produces and sells traditional bean pastes such as ‘Soonchang’, ‘Hatsal Dameun’, etc., seasonings of
‘MIWON’, ‘Gamchimi’, “Matsunsaeng’, etc., agro-fishery food like vinegar and fish sauce, fresh food including
Kimchi and tofu, western food, deli, frozen food and more.

Daesang launched the B2B specialty food ingredient brand with
the best system, and provides the Total Solution Service.

Chef One

Chef One

Total solution to best food, Chef One

Chef One is a catering specialty brand of Daesang Corporation,
a comprehensive food company representing Korea.
Chef one is committed to serve as the best food distribution
specialist and a smart business partner by providing one-stop
solutions for all kinds of food ingredients needed in the kitchen.
If you work with Chef Won, you too can be No.1 chef.

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Total solution service


Understand customer needs
and market information

  • Develop customized products
  • Supply the recipe of various products


Technical Service; Customized
product development,
proposal and solution activities

  • Technical service for each client.
  • Secure and develop professional
    personnel that are adequate
    for sales channels


Chefmanship Service; Develop
new menu and,
solution activities

  • Professional chefs create and
    consult the menu for each client
  • Demonstrate various dishes
    including Korean/Japanese
    /Western cuisines


Commercialize, adjust price,
promote, report trend

  • Customer-centric marketing