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Sustainable Management

Daesang takes social responsibilities to create the world where everybody is happy.


Happiness that grows with sharing.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Daesang is committed to serving the public by practicing its shared values which seek to uphold
human dignity and self-respect, create customer value and satisfaction, and contribute to community happiness.
Under the slogan, “The taste of Accumulated number of volunteers (2006~2017) Accumulated amount donated
to Food Bank (1998~2017) happiness that grows with sharing,”we are focusing on three areas of CSR:
support for women and children, customer engagement, and sustainability.
To this end, Daesang organized the Chungjungone Volunteer Team comprised of employees, customers who are mostly homemakers and
college students to offer systematic and regular volunteer work nationwide.
We are also helping to relieve hunger by donating food via a food bank. The goal is to continue our volunteering and
food sharing work, and take on a wide range of projects in the three focus areas so that our business and society
can become healthy and prosperous.


CSR Slogan

creating a happier society by sharing healthy foods

“the taste of happiness that grows with sharing”

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  • icon women and children

    Support for women
    and children

  • icon Customer engagement


  • icon Sustainability

    (welfare, environment, culture, health)

Theme business
    • Chungjungone Christmas gift set
    • Go! Mom! Camp
    • Project to promote children’s rights in Indonesia
    • Campaign to encourage men’s participation in housework
    • Meals for Youths
    • We Are Family camp
    • Jongga Spring Kimchi Sharing
    • Love Sharing Bazaar
    • Sharing Trees of Hope
    • Campaign drive to collect blood donations before summer holidays

Korea National Council on Social Welfare, Seoul Council on Social Welfare, Korea Forest Welfare Institute


Chungjungone Volunteer Team (employees, homemakers), Food Bank Project

CSR Projects per Focus Area

Chungjungone Volunteer Team images
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Chungjungone Volunteer Team

Comprised of two groups made up of employees and memakers, the Chungjungone Volunteer Team is leading the way in giving back to local communities.

At least once a month,every Daesang employee is required to spend their work hours volunteering in one of the company’s many CSR programs. Meanwhile, the nationwide volunteer group of homemakers receives ingredients from Daesang and prepares foods to give to those in need.

Food Bank Team images
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Food Bank

A food bank is a non-profit system that distributes food donated by food manufacturing and distribution companies as well as individuals to people in hardship who have difficulty purchasing food and daily necessities.

Since launching its own Food Bank Project in 1998, Daesang has been offering food ingredients on a regular basis and holding an annual event to boost participation from private donors.

Women & Children Support team images
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Women & Children Support Projects

Daesang strives to addresses the challenges presented by an ageing society with low birth and gender inequality in order create a better world for women and children.

Chungjungone Christmas gift set

The Chungjungone Volunteer Team prepares special Christmas gifts for children living in group homes throughout the country.

Go! Mom! Camp

Every spring, we hold a camp for single-parent families and give them time to relax and connect.

Project to promote children’s rights in Indonesia

Daesang employees support the promotion of children’s rights in Indonesia by collecting 2-3 dollars from their pay every month.

Campaign to encourage men’s participation in housework

We are contributing to gender equality with a campaign to encourage men to do more chores around the house.

Customer Engagement Projects
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Customer Engagement Projects

Going beyond the Chungjungone Volunteer Team, we are reating a culture of sharing by running customized social programs for customers who are interested but don’t know how to get involved in charitable giving.

We Are Family Camp

Families of non-disabled children and intellectually disabled children spend three days in a forest and learn to form friendship through various activities.

Meals for Youths

Daesang supports college students so they can personally help out the hole-in-the-wall eateries around college towns.

Sustainability Projects Ceo images
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Sustainability Projects

We are committed to sustainable development of our ommunities in areas such as culture, environment, health and welfare.

Campaign drive to collect blood donations before summer holidays

Every summer, we hold blood donation drive before the summer holidays and offer certificates so children with leukemia can receive blood donations.

Jongga Spring Kimchi Sharing

The Chungjungone Volunteer Team packages and delivers Jonnga brand kimchi and side dishes to underprivileged people across the country.

Love Sharing Bazaar

We sell Daesang products at discounted prices and donate the entire proceeds to an environment protection fund.

Sharing Trees of Hope

Before Arbor Day, we give trees to citizens to promote low-carbon green growth and help relieve air pollution.

Blue Dragon Awards

We have been supporting Korea’s largest film festival since its inception in 1963 to help boost the domestic film industry

Daesang shares vision with customers, dream together,
puts the efforts for health and happiness of society through
social contribution activities, and practices tasty happiness
which gets bigger when shared.
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