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Daesang puts love and sincerity to think of the health of family.

Starch and sweetener ingredient research segment

Starch and sweetener ingredient
research segment

Based on the biotechnology and polymer chemistry
technologies, Daesang puts the best efforts on
development of high-value added functional starch
and sweetener ingredients for food and industry.

The starch and sweetener ingredient research segment focuses
on the development of health-oriented functional food ingredient
such as resistant starch, water-soluble dietary fiber, allulose
and others along with starch for various foods which gives
appropriate properties for processed food that has natural
ingredients of corns, tapioca and more.Moreover, active research
activities are under process for various product development and
solution provision in paper, cardboard, cosmetics, adhesives,
construction and other areas where are industrial usages of starch.
Recently, Daesang wides its research area to the technology
development to extract functional special sweetener from Biomass,
the non-eatable resource.

Starch and sweetener ingredient research segment


By applying the latest bioengineering technology to the
development of microbes for industrial use, Daesang
has achieved groundbreaking results in the production of
amino and nucleic acids as well as microalgae. Based on
this progress, Daesang is focused on the development of
promising, high value added ingredients.

By developing strains for industrial use and obtaining world-class
fermentation and purification technology, bio ingredients research
has dramatically improved productivity when it comes to nucleic acids
and amino acids like glutamic acid, lysine, phenylalanine, arginine,
glutamine, histidine, etc. Continued research on functional amino acids
has also allowed Daesang to expand its range of products and solidify
its lead as an amino acid-specialized company. Furthermore,
it commercialized chlorella, plant-derived DHA, and other ingredients for
the first time in Korea using independently developed microalgae culturing
technology. Recently, Daesang is stepping up efforts to develop functional
ingredients from microalgae.