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Rightful People for Daesang

Salaries and wages

Monthly basic pay, bonus, expenses for returning home, vacation bonus, allowance, etc.

Welfare benefits

  • coin icon

    Support family fund, housing fund of employees through operation of Employee Welfare Fund

  • graduation cap icon

    Support children's educational expenses

  • moneybag icon

    Support various expenditure for congratulations and condolences and vacations

  • building icon

    Operating condominiums
    : 23 regions

  • first-aid kit icon

    Regular health checkup and precise general diagnosis for age 35 or older

  • calendar icon

    Free holidays in a year

  • coins icon

    Operating internal clubs
    (pays supporting fund)

  • Gift box icon

    Various gifts

  • travel website icon

    Filial piety tour (Jeju Island) and overseas travel for long-term employees

  • bus icon

    Operating commuting bus
    (for regional business sites)

  • The appearance of the house icon

    Houses for employees (for factory)

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