About Company

Company creating a happy future with healthy food culture.


Logo of Daesang Corporation images the Chinese letter
‘大’ (meaning big) and the ivory of an elephant,
and developed into a shape of the Chinese letter
‘人’ (meaning human) which is the shape of
humans relying on each other.
This maintains the company ideology of realizing
human happiness and creating human respectful life
and represents enterprising and future-oriented company.

Daesang Corporation logo
  • COLOR : Gold

    means the future of sharing together towards fruition

  • FONT: Gothic type

    imposes modern and future-oriented image

Exclusive color

Main color
  • Daesang Sepia

    Pantone 7504C

    C:30%, M:40%, Y:60%, K:30%

    R:123, G:95, B:60

    Color Sheet:3M Satin Gold


  • Daesang Black

    Black 95%

    R:20, G:20, B:20

    Color Sheet:3M Black


  • Daesang Red

    Pantone 187C

    M:90%, Y:70%, K:25%

    R:190, G:20, B:30

    Color Sheet:3M Cardinal Red


  • Daesang Gray

    Pantone Warm Gray 2C

    M:1%, Y:9%, K:8%

    R:235, G:230, B:215

    Color Sheet:3M Eggshell


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