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Daesang maximizes its growth through
value innovation and globalization.

Daesang prepares the foundation of system
settlement through the process innovation,
realizing the customer satisfactory quality
within the managerial environment,
strengthening confrontation ability on
rapid changes and growth engine of
the company based on differentiations,
and leaps towards the global food company.

Feb.5 Soonchang red pepper pastes of Daesang Corporation, Acquired OU Kosher Certification
Mar.Daesang Corporation, Applied 2 Billion Club in food industry
Apr.Daesang Holdings, Established Daesang Life Science
Mar.Daesang Corporation, Adapted separated management for Food BU/Material BU
Jongga, Newly changed BI
Constructed PT. MIWON INDONESIA starch and sweetener factory
Apr.Private brand ‘BESTCO’ launched
Jun.BIO Gunsan Factory of Daesang Corporation, Constructed astaxanthin factory
JulEstablished DU Food, the red snow crab food processing factory
Oct.Daesang Corporation, Developed the high-value added amino acid ‘L-Histidine’ first time in Korea
Sep.Daesang Corporation, Selected as Excellent Entity for Joint Cooperation, awarded prize from the Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
Dec. Daesang Corporation, Awarded USD5 million Export Tower for exporting marine products
Daesang Corporation, Acquired CCM for 4 consecutive years
Jun.Acquired the best level of food entity from win-win index
Aug.Took over the lysine business
Dec.‘Miwon’, the fermented seasoning, Selected as the World’s Best Product
Apr.Chungjungone Hongcho, Selected as 2014 Top 1 Brand for customer loyalty chosen by customers
May.Chungjungone, Newly changed the brand
Jun. Food Safety Center of Daesang Corporation, Awarded citation from the Minister of Commerce Industry and Energy
Chlorella of Daesang Welllife, Awarded Gold Prize from Monde Selection 3 consecutive years
Constructed palm oil factory in Indonesia
Constructed starch syrup factory in the Philippines
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Mar.Design Ricor, Implemented groundbreaking ceremony of starch syrup factory with Nestle Philippines
JulDaesang Corporation, Signed inclusive growth agreement
Sep.Chungjungone Hongcho, Awarded Technical Innovation Prize from Korean Society of Food Science and Technology
Dec.Daesang Corporation, Awarded Presidential Citation (CCM Certification) on the Consumer Rights Day
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Mar.Appointed CEO Hyungseop Myeong
Aug.Selected Top 1 Korean Customer Wellbeing Index (KS-WCI)
(Chungjungone Hongcho, grape seed oil, oligosaccharide, Shinan Seombobae bay salt)
Oct.Awarded ‘National Prize’ from 2012 Korea Sharing Award hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
Dec. Awarded ‘Culture, Leisure-friendly Entity Certification’ hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
Awarded ‘Excellent Customer-centered Management Entity’ from Fair Trade Commission
Miwon Indonesia, Selected ‘Excellent CSR Entity’ hosted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy/BKPM Indonesia/Korean Embassy
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Apr.Chungjungone, Awarded for Grand Prize of 2011 National Brand Award
Jun.Probionic Corporation, Signed MOU for lactic acid bacteria business
Sep.Chungjungone Hongcho, Achieved M/S Top 1 from Japanese drinking vinegar market
Oct.Firm renamed to DAESANG BESTCO
Jan.Agreement on bay salt business with Jeollanam-do
Constructed Hoengseong Green Vegetable Juice Factory of Well Life Business Head Quarter
Feb.DAMUL FS established
Sep.Constructed Docho Factory, Sinan Sun-dried Salt Corp.
Dec.Chungjungone Hongcho Selected as the World’s Best Product by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Daesang Corporation, Awarded Presidential Award for 2010 100 Excellent Entity Creating Employmen
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Take a step towards new leap.

DAESANG secured stability and transparency of
the entity management through a settlement of
the CEO system with a successful adaptation of
re-establishment of business portfolios.
Based on 3 major businesses, including
general food business, fermentation business
and starch & sweetener business, DAESANG is
developing new businesses and focusing on
core capabilities on future growth businesses.

Mar.Chungjungone Soonchang red pepper paste, soy bean paste, ssamjang (processed soybean paste mixed with red pepper paste), Jongga Kimchi, Selected as 2009 Top 1 Brand Power
May.Chungjungone Soonchang, Launched ‘Korean Rice Red Pepper Paste’
Oct.Awarded ‘Presidential Prize’ on the Social Welfare Day
Dec.Entered palm oil plantation business in Indonesia
Feb.Soonchang red pepper paste, Selected as Top 1 for Korean Industrial Brand Power for 10 consecutive years
Jun.Implemented reorganization including CMG operation, etc
Oct.Developed ‘Korean Space Food’ first time in Korea
Jan.Appointed CEO Dongin Lim
Dec.Chungjungone Hongcho, Awarded the Grand Prize of the Word of Mouth Marketing Brand
Aug.Launched Daesang Holdings
Jun.Constructed Logistics Center in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Constructed Gunsan Starch and Sweetener Factory
Jun.Awarded the Best Prize of Korean Marketing Prize
Dec.Awarded Presidential Prize of ‘Design Brand Prize’ hosted by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and Energy
Soonchang red pepper paste Korean National Soccer Team poster
Apr.Sold Acro Vista in lots
JulSelected as official supplier of pastes to Korean National Soccer Team
Aug.Established Esnd Cosmetics
Oct.Unbundled 5 Sewon subsidiaries
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1day November 1997year images
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Developed power and competitiveness
for the future.

DAESANG established Daesang IT and
Sangam Communications to enter business areas of
IT and general advertisement. From mid 90s,
DAESANG launched the general food brand,
Chungjungone, through the brand introducing strategy,
and established the CEO system with the appointment of
Chairman Doomo Ko who is the professional manager.

Due to merger of Miwon and Sewon,
the group name had changed into ‘Daesang’,
and prepared the foundation to leap towards
the best company through improving financial structure
and restructuring such as professionalize business structure.

JulEntered edible oil business
Oct.Established Daesang Feed
Nov.Constructed Gunsan MSG Factory
Mar.Disposed lysine business
Nov.Awarded ‘Grand Prize’ of Excellent Value Management Entity Award
Dec.Sold ‘Daesang Town Apartment’ in Banghak-dong, Seoul in lot
Aug.Appointed CEO Doomo Ko
Nov.Changed the name to Daesang Corporation after merger of Miwon and Sewon
Mar.Opened Central Research Institute
May.Launched the brand ‘Chungjungone’
Mar.Established a Chinese local subsidiary "Jeolgang Miwon Food Corp." on March
Dec.Awarded Presidential Prize of Entity Culture Award
Mar.Established Sangam Communications
Established Miwon Vietnam
JulEstablished Daesang IT
Established Bejing Office, China
Jan.Opened No.1 Nice Day
May.Constructed Miwon Cheonan Frozen Food Factory
Nov.Entered convenient store business, opened No.1 Mini Stop
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Expand business to various areas.

Daesang established the Central Research Institute for
the technology accumulation, and actively started
technology development towards the future
by focusing on the R&D investment,
and put efforts to succeed and create food culture
by establishing Korean Food Cultural Center.

Moreover, along with the appointment of
the 2nd CEO Changwook Lim, the business had been
expanded with construction of Giheung Factory,
establishment of Daesang Farm,
entrance to coffee business and others.

JulTook over MJC Co., Ltd., entered coffee business
Aug.Established PT, IMC(Indomiwon Citra Inti)
Feb.Opened Korean Food Cultural Institution
Sep.Appointed CEO Changwook Lim
Sep.Changed name from Seoul Miwon Co., Ltd. to Miwon Co., Ltd.
Oct.‘Miwon’, “Manna’. Appointed as official seasoning of the Olympic Games
Sep.Established Daesang Farm
Oct.Constructed Miwon Building in Yeouido
Jun.Established Miwon USA
Acquired manufacturing approval of Manna of Seoul Miwon
JulEstablished Miwon Hong Kong
Feb.Constructed Giheung Factory
Mar.Established Central Research Institute
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Miwon a solid-gold ring bells and whistles event Ji-mee Kim poster

Become a leading company for globalization.

Daesang established PT.MIWON INDONESIA in Indonesia
by exporting the plant for the first time in Korea,
and led the globalization as establishing
the trading corporates in Japan, USA, Hong Kong
and other regions continuously.

Moreover, it promoted business diversity into
heavy industries, trading, petrochemistry and more.

Aug.Established Korea Knnor Co., Ltd.
Dec.Established Daesang Japan Co., Ltd.
Jan.Published the company newsletter ‘Miwon’
Miwon, Constructed starch and sweetener factory in Gayang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul
JulEstablished Miwon Marine Products
Nov.Established Misong Trading Co., Ltd.
Apr.Established Hannam Engineering Company
Established National Synthesis Co., Ltd.
Apr.Established Daesang Foundation
Miwon, Introduced Seoul Miwon
Oct.Awarded Gold Prize of Best Seasoning from the World Food Contest
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Jeonju Miwon an advertising pillar in the late 1960s
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Opened new chapter of domestic food culture.

The history of Daesang started by
the founder and Chairman Daehong Lim.
‘Miwon’, No.1 national seasoning produced with
pure capital and independent technology opened
the new chapter of our food culture.

In accordance with the development of
microorganism fermentation methods which
opened the mass production era of seasonings
since 1960s, Daesang became a leader of
the domestic seasoning market,
and higher its reputation as a general food company
by expanding its business in food areas related to starch,
starch and sweetener, citric acid and others.

May.Public incorporation by public capital increase
Dec.Acquired KS Certification for fermentation seasoning, Miwon
Dec.Changed name from Miwang Industries Co., Ltd. to Seoul Miwon Co., Ltd.
Constructed factory in Banghak-dong
Entered starch and starch & sweetener businesses
Dec.Changed name from Dong-A Whasung Industrial Co., Ltd. to Miwon Co., Ltd.
Produced MSG by fermentation method
Sep.Established Miwang Industries Co., Ltd.
Jan.Established Dong-A Whasung Industrial Co., Ltd. (Current Daesang Corporation)
Jun.Registered official trademark of Sinseollo (royal hot pot) Miwon
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