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Major Business

Daesang puts love and sincerity to think of the health of family.

Distribution Business

DAESANG, a frontrunner in the advancement
of domestic foodservice distribution

DAESANG constantly strives to achieve client satisfaction by providing the best products on time at affordable prices.

Under the strict management of all foods required for foodservice distribution such as processed foods, agricultural,
marine & livestock products and household items, we provide high-quality products at reasonable prices

Our modern cold chain system and well-organized nationwide distribution network guarantee
the safety and quality of foods.

Professional food Service distribution brand


Professional foodservice distribution brand

BESTCO is a foodservice distribution brand founded to provide
the freshest foods with the best services as a great partner for
foodservice distribution

BESTCO is a portmanteau word that combines 'Best' and
t 'Cooperation' the brand symbolizes 'our client's success is
our success' under the slogan of 'Best Quality for Best Biz'.

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Purchase System

Powerful and well-organized
purchase system

  • Quotation system comparing costs
    across the nation
  • Cost competitiveness through integration
    of sales offices and purchase
  • Bulk purchase by item and region

Stable supply chain

Stable supply and demand of
the product and purchasing power

  • Purchase directly from Fresh wholesale
    market across the country
  • Purchase integration, Purchase from
    local producers, Preprocessing

Competitive Pricing

Streamlining distribution and
Competitive Pricing

  • Direct purchase from manufacturer,
    an exclusive distributor, an agency contract
  • Decrease distribution margin through
    direct purchase of import agents
  • Purchase enough stock for every sales
    office securing stock

Specializing in food service business

Rapid responsiveness

  • Korean/Street food/Western/Chinese/
    Bar Product Diversification
  • Industrial products & agricultural/
    fishery productsdelivery system